Does a child’s thinking work like a magnet?

Interesting topic.. Isn’t it.? 

Let’s recap your past childhood. When you were a child, would you always do the things opposite to what your parents say? Or do exactly the same of what your favourite parent would say. ? 

Opposite attracts and similar repels. That’s how a child’s mind works. Which is also called reverse psychology.

Children or also few adults work in a similar way. When u will say east, they go west. Because of the fact that they always repel from what you say and might attract to just the opposite. More you will push North Pole towards the same North Pole (not so favourite parent) they will repel like hell and will never be together, just unlike the North Pole to South Pole (favourite parent) where they would not be even asked to follow, they will be simply attracted to their decision. 

So next time try to convince your child differently. Especially when you know the magnetic behaviour, it would either attract or repel. Is it right? To be on just 1 side always? Are the parents always right? Would the favourite parent be always right for the child? Wouldn’t a favourite parent always be wrong for the child? I don’t think so, let’s look at it differently.

There is 1 more category to it which is my favourite and I call it a balance. Being a libra, I was always fascinated with the word balance. Most of us behave in the same way. This category means.. It’s not either black or white. It’s a little grey area. It’s not always attracted or repelled. It’s the informed decision. Where you talk to your child and discuss pros n cons with him/her and then you and your child reaches a conclusion. This works best when You will never force any decision on your child. We only discuss with them. And the decision they take will be all theirs. You might like or dislike their decision, you also might like to convince them of your decision but sooner or later when they find out, they may not trust you enough. 


Just like a balanced magnet.. Being not too far and not too close discusses your issues with your child and then reaches to a conclusion. Let your child drive the communication here and trust me this would be the best we can do for their future. Trust them and let them decide what’s good for them instead of just pushing them for all big n small things. They may be right or they may be wrong but it will be their own call, their own learning. We can’t always be there to guide them. So it’s important they collect all information first and evaluate it smartly, analytically, technically, emotionally, effectively and then make an informed decision. 

I truly believe it, do you? 

Let us know your views, they may be different and more interesting ????


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