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CraftEarth Black Metal Saraswati with Chakra Plate with Wooden Stand

 Enhance your home, garden and office with this Saraswati with lotus idol. Maa Saraswati is the supreme Hindu goddess of wisdom, art, music and knowledge and she is worshipped not only all over in Indian but also in countries like Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia. She forms the goddess trinity of Hinduism with Laxmi and Parvati. This Saraswati idol is a perfect spiritual or religious home decorative product. Saraswati idol can be placed at the office to dispel all the evil forces around it. It can be placed in a pooja room, living room or drawing room to give a divine feel. Perfect as a pooja return, housewarming and festive occasion gift.  

CraftEarth German Oxidized Dry Fruit Box Bird Design Small

Rexene Dry Fruit Container is a perfect addition to your dining unit. It can be used as a great showpiece or can have multiple uses like serving dry fruits, mouth fresheners etc. It poses splendour from every angle. Its versatile design, intricate artistry and superlative craftsmanship make this ideal for any festive season to grace your table. For its incredible appeal, it serves as a great gift, too. This dry fruit container is diligently handcrafted by skilled artisans of Gujarat.

CraftEarth Metal Tealight Bird Design Burni Shape Candle Holder

Decorate your room with a touch of elegant traditional home decor with this Antique Design Metal Lantern. Featuring a vintage style base, the entire base of this lantern is sculpted with a perforated sheet. Made of iron material, this lantern features a thin and durable handle to carry it easily from one place to the other. Add charm to your home decor with the Wacky Iron Lantern. This beautiful candle holder is a decorative and practical addition to your home decorations. The simple, yet elegant design directs the eye to the centre. This minimalist, modern piece works great alone, or as a set with multiple matching pieces. Perfect for living room or dining room, this candle holder also makes an excellent addition to event furnishings. This product blends itself as a perfect giveaway for all celebrations and festivities. Not only Indian traditional occasions like Diwali, House Warming or Weddings does this T light make pleasurable gifts, but it is also a perfect Corporate Gift.

CraftEarth Black Metal Sun Wall Hanging

Hanging Surya is a representation of Lord Surya and it is made of black metal with copper finish and it has hole on the upper side so that it can be easily hung on any anchoring object. This Hanging Surya can be hung on the main Door of the house, in the Living Room or even in the Home Temple. Similarly, it can be placed in the Office, Showroom, Godown, Business premises, Factory etc. This Hanging Sun is also extremely auspicious if hanged in the Car and it can also be a very nice gift for any auspicious occasion. The Hanging Surya protects its surroundings from all and any kind of Negativity, Evil Eye, Black Magic etc. It is also considered as an extremely potent tool for minimizing the Vastu faults of any place since the negativity of the place is reduced and the energy levels are balanced. The persons living / working at a place where this Surya is placed are able to work more efficiently in a better friendly atmosphere.

CraftEarth Wooden Hand Painted Multi-Purpose Box 8 Slot (Home-Made Chocolates Included)

CraftEarth Hand-painted Wooden Chocolate cum Multi-Purpose Box. This gorgeous chocolate box will add charm to your Diwali gifting. Chocolate is often associated with positive effects on mood and makes you feel good. The chocolate box is available with eight, nine, and twelve cavity sheet. With a cozy latch, you can easily open this box. This box is made of wood and painted in beautiful colors. It is a multi-color and multi-purpose wooden box that is used for giving a gift to someone special. You can also remove the cavity sheet of that box and you can put your little things in it. You can use this box as a showpiece and placed it on your table or wherever you placed it, it gives an elegant look to your home.

CraftEarth Multipurpose Diary Planner with 5000 mAh Power Bank and 16 GB Pen Drive

Powerbank Diary with 16 GB Pendrive. Designed to keep all your notes, cards (id , debit/credit and business), mobile phone charger, pen drive at one place to enhance your productivity. This desk organizer will help you to streamline your everyday tasks with ease. This versatile diary planner is the perfect companion for every professional to keep them updated and also makes an ideal gift. 

CraftEarth Metal Golden Krishna with Candle Stand

 Lend a hint of decoration to your home with this Krishna along with a candle stand. Exquisitely designed, this tabletop has a unique antique look. This gorgeous and exquisite figure is perfect for your home decor as a tabletop. It is made of white metal in an antique gold finish. It's a wonderful keepsake for your home. This designer candle stand is a multipurpose decorative embellishment for all modern homes. The tabletop is bright and beautiful for any temple, office or home. Exquisitely designed and intricately crafted, it makes for a perfect gifting option for Relatives, Friends and Colleagues.

CraftEarth White Metal Multipurpose Container with Transparent Lid

White metal transparent box beautifully-crafted series features elegant shapes, sturdy materials, and functional designs that make them a great addition to all homes, regardless of the décor style.  If you are trying to find home accessories that are both functional and beautiful, then look no further. This home organizer with transparent lid is ideal for storing make-up items, jewelry as well as dry fruit. Two compartments allow a sorting of various objects.  The transparent container makes it easy to find what you are looking for, regardless of where it is placed. This attractive and easy to clean large capacity storage container can be used to store dry fruits, jewelry and many more.



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