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CraftEarth German Silver Multipurpose Tray

German silver tray is a decorative platter that has been diligently handcrafted by skilled artisans. Be it any occasion, it will only add to the elegance to your serving. Serve with love. Handcrafted made in German silver and crafted from heart. The tray is crafted into a unique shape. The whole entity is then covered with a layer of crystal which keeps the product's artwork intact and makes it a lifelong entity for you. Your guests will remember this treat.  In need of a pretty traditional return gift to wow your guests, family, relatives and everyone. Take a glimpse of this German silver tray that is so pretty and cute. The tray is multipurpose and versatile in its usage. You serve chocolates, snacks and more or place your offerings in this shrine. German silver tray placed on a well laid table will add to the charm of the occasion. It can be used for formal or informal parties. Make it your return gift for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, baby showers etc.  

CraftEarth Wooden Meenakari Bullock Cart Shape Showpiece

Bullock cart shape showpiece is a perfect addition to your table and showcase unit. This showpiece made in minimalistic design; this set is simple yet sleek.  Its bullock cart shape, intricate artistry and superlative craftsmanship make this ideal for any festive season to grace your table. This showpiece is diligently handcrafted by skilled artisans. It is home décor and it is the reflection of your taste, so decorate it as you want. Home decoration is an art and reveals a lot about the choice and preferences of individuals. Attractive shape and elegant design make it an essential part of your home decor. This beautiful dry fruit box can be placed in the drawing room, living room, dining table, bedroom and office. It can also serve as a great gifting option for your loved ones, family, friends etc. This beautiful showpiece can be placed in the drawing room, living room, décor table, bedroom and office. It can also serve as a great gifting option for your loved ones, family, friends etc.

CraftEarth Reed Diffuser Gift Pack with Fragrance Oil (Big)

Let the air around you deliver a suitably light and refreshing fragrance to your home interiors, revitalizing your mind, body and soul! Creating a truly meaningful and memorable experience for you and your guests alike, is a job well done by this oil diffuser. Well-being in its purest state, it’s an ideal way to keep your home smelling divine, no matter what the season. Made by hand with meticulous attention to detail, it also makes a decorative display. The blend of fragrance oil brings the nostalgic feeling of your early age summers. With an enchanting and distinguished scent, this is an aromatic addition to your home decor. Soothe your senses with the relaxing aroma of the scented oil that will uplift your mood anytime. The elegant design also makes it unique and authentic.  How to use Pour the fragrance oil into the ceramic pot and place the sticks in it. Keep it in a safe place from where you can best enjoy the aroma.

CraftEarth Black Metal Welcome Ganesha Shubh Labh Plate

Shubh and Labh are sons of Lord Ganesha. Shubh means “Goodness” and Labh means “Benefit”. Made from black metal, this is a set of Ganesha with shubh labh which can be used for decoration of your home door. It is also believed that this welcome plate brings good luck to your home. The black metal material helps it to stay as good as new and without the worry of tarnish and corrosion. Suits every taste and is preferred for every occasion. You can even give it to your loved ones at their house warming parties and traditional functions.

CraftEarth Valet Tray Organizer

Valet Tray and Nightstand Organizer for you which helps to organize better, saves time every day and Co-ordinates your personal items! Great idea for special occasions! Give it to someone you love and let them live the organized life they've always dreamed. Six compartments are great for various items you need to keep at your fingertips daily. The long compartment on the left is perfect for pens, sunglasses, earphones, or watches. The largest space on the right is perfect for charging a cellphone. The place with lid is perfect for coupons, cards, or as a keybox. The middle rectangular compartment is great for a wallet, money or credit cards. The middle square compartment is great for small rings, pocket things, cufflinks, jewelery. The front space is great for coins, keys. Designed with faux leather in black color with trim stitching and covered with deep grey velvet interior.

CraftEarth Wall Hanging Metal Musician Set of 3

The wall hanging that CraftEarth offers is hand crafted and hand-painted by the revered artisans who have vast knowledge in this domain. Wall hangings in the home are as important as choosing the color of paint for the walls. The right size, color and style can add the perfect finishing touch to a room so choosing the ideal wall hanging is a decision not to be taken lightly. Unlike many other types of home decoration they are easily removable and replaceable wall hangings for your home decor and to add grace and beauty to the walls of your home. With its Musician-inspired design and antiqued flair, this eye-catching three -piece iron wall decor set is a statement-making addition to your decor. Its understated silhouette brings traditional appeal to any space while its multi- color patterns blend effortlessly into any monochromatic or vibrant palette. Hang these three musicians over your living room seating group for a stylish conversation space, or add it to a bare wall to accentuate its distinctive look.

CraftEarth Black Metal Sun Wall Hanging

Hanging Surya is a representation of Lord Surya and it is made of black metal with copper finish and it has hole on the upper side so that it can be easily hung on any anchoring object. This Hanging Surya can be hung on the main Door of the house, in the Living Room or even in the Home Temple. Similarly, it can be placed in the Office, Showroom, Godown, Business premises, Factory etc. This Hanging Sun is also extremely auspicious if hanged in the Car and it can also be a very nice gift for any auspicious occasion. The Hanging Surya protects its surroundings from all and any kind of Negativity, Evil Eye, Black Magic etc. It is also considered as an extremely potent tool for minimizing the Vastu faults of any place since the negativity of the place is reduced and the energy levels are balanced. The persons living / working at a place where this Surya is placed are able to work more efficiently in a better friendly atmosphere.

CraftEarth Black Metal Radha Krishna Statue

Radha Krishna with chakra is collectively known within Hinduism as the combined forms of feminine. It is believed that Krishna enchants the world, but Radha enchants even Him. The Bhagavata story of Krishna, the cowherd romancing Radha, the gopi is an incomparably superb mythology and a legend conquering times. Millions of people across generations are memorized by the Radha Krishna love story.  Enhance your home, garden, temple and office with this Radha Krishna idol. In this idol Krishna holds the flute. This Idol is a perfect religious home decorative product. Only the statues help in creating an attractive outdoor as well as indoor space.  Radha Krishna idol can be placed at office to dispel all the evil forces around it. It can be placed in a pooja room, living room or drawing room to give a divine feel. Perfect as a pooja return, wedding, housewarming and festive occasion gift.



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