2020 – Positive Thinking

The year 2020 - Positive Side of COVID-19 Lockdown

As the year 2020 was just filled with many different words and phrases which are not used regularly in our daily lives. Most of the people were not even aware of these words and not at all their meaning. 

  1. Masks
  2. Sanitizer
  3. Quarantine
  4. Social Distance
  5. PPE kits 

And many more.

But still, they all have almost learnt to be a part of these new things and situations. Everyone has adopted the new normal and started to live accordingly.


We all have seen the crisis during this difficult time.  Many of us have lost their lives, jobs, family and much more. The GDP has fallen, the share market crashed and businesses were shut down. All these happened in this pandemic and still continues to be the same.

Though there were plenty of the bad and side effects of this situation which occurred during this time. But still, if we look into the bigger picture and see it through different eyes, then things will start appearing differently. There were times where Ganga River was cleaned up, to be the purest form of flowing water. Pollution index has decreased and traffic jams were no more present.

I am not writing this to inform you about the pros and cons of the COVID effects, but about what I feel about this lockdown and new normal.


During this lockdown, the families which were staying together have bonded like never before. They have been together working (with no maids), enjoying (with no work in case of a business), playing (cards, carrom or any indoor game) and for the 6 long months. This period of time has created bonds with one another in the family. This was never possible in the normal busy routine life. 

Whenever a person says “I have no time for family and kids” always hurts the family. This lockdown has made them stay with their family. 

The average Indian businessman who used to run behind more and more money and for the expansion of the business has just realised that nothing of this is permanent. Money just can’t buy everything or can’t make things better. What actually they have, is their family and their home. The HOME which was only used to sleep on the bed and eat breakfast has just become special. People have started spending their time at home. 

We actually forgot the time when we were building or decorating our home. We made this space comfortable and usable as per our convenience. But I think most of us have not even spent proper time in these spaces or places we created in our home. But during this period, we got a chance to sit back comfortably and in a relaxed atmosphere with our loved ones.


The IT people or even the employees of the big or small companies who were travelling most of their lives to get to their workplace. The companies who never believed their employees can do work from home have started giving gifts, laptops, compensation for making a good and healthy environment to work efficiently from home. Even the bank employees have given access with special devices and security to work from their home itself. 

In the earlier days, when the companies were not ready with this phase and not completely remote work-friendly, they came up with innovative solutions for their employees and helped them in every way possible. By just providing access to their personal devices or even providing new laptops is the remarkable achievement for both of them. 

Now, if we see the outcome of this scenario, it will be clear that the employees have done extraordinarily and contributed more of their time in the work. The efficiency and the energy of the employees which was earlier exhausting in the travel and traffic jams are now conserved and given into their work. The hours of working are not fixed. They can work according to their convenience. The people who were staying away from their home and family are now living together and having a healthy lifestyle. 

Considering that this culture to be continued for the rest of the lives then what will happen?


The companies will save a lot of infrastructure expenses. The transportation cost for their employees will be negligible (in which most of the companies spent at least 10% of their salary). 


 There will be a drastic change in traffic conditions. There will be way lesser pollution. 


People will get to stay with their family. No burden of going in a cab or by their own car. Work according to their ease. The employees who spend major time in the commute will be saved.


I know there will be many aspects which I am missing, but still whatever I am considering is also sufficient. Many multinationals have given options and taken opinion regarding this issue for making it permanent. I believe this will be really beneficial for the companies, employees, nature and all of us. 


It is believed by many of our mythologists and scientists that the mother earth resets herself every 100 years. We, the humans have almost destroyed nature and in the process to completely ruin it. Although this is really harsh on saying this, we all know what has been done to our rivers, forests, atmosphere, etc. In the name of development and technological era, we have started creating concrete jungle which will not last for very long. These artificial and man-made things are not responsible for our living. 

This lockdown has also taught a great lesson to the people where we all were busy living in the artificial world of malls, traffic, complexes, theatre and everything. These things are just meant for your extra expenses. These are not essential or the foremost things we need in our lives. 

All the basic necessities were continuously available during this period. I can understand there was no business in this pandemic, but there were no extra and additional expenses either. We all were learning to lead a basic life. We all have to realise that a healthy environment and a peaceful space is required to have a good life. 

The rivers were totally cleaned up and flowing with the purest form of water. This all happened just by not destroying it anymore. We cannot clean it up manually ever in our life if we just keep on continuously destroying it. We just have to stop throwing the waste from ‘n’ number of activities going on the riverside. By not doing any human activity near a sea or river, our beaches and rivers are cleaner than ever. 


I am not an expert to give a comment on this, but still, I am sharing what I feel. I am also a part of this crisis during these 7-8 months. I have a business which was also impacted during this time and there was no income in terms of sale of goods. We all were disheartened due to this. Many of you also might get depressed during this time which is really normal if your earnings have stopped. 

But if we look into the case that if our income was stopped, our extra expenses were also minimised. There were no malls to shop from, no theatre, no food courts or restaurant, no holiday vacation, no social gathering and most importantly, there were no social circles to impress. Some of us live our lives to impress society and not for themselves. In this case, we generally go out of our budget and buy things which we don’t actually need. 

The GDP might not improve if this happens, but I am sure the gross happiness of people living in the country will surely improve. 


The virus and the restrictions have made the life of the people very different. We have started adopting these new normal situations. But I am not sure that if anyone has realised that this is the actual reality of our life.

No social media, no society, or no one else will be present in your happiness or your emptiness. There will be only you, and your loved ones in the first place when you need someone. According to government restrictions, there will be only 50 people present at your wedding functions or any other occasions. And there will be only 10 people present at any funeral. This, I believe, is the actual number of people in our life who really matter to us. The rest of them which we have to call or invite is in our social pressure. 

Business timings were given to us in the unlock period by the government. There were restrictions to close the entire market by 8 pm in the night. They had to impose the curfew for making it work. And there are people who still believe that we have to open our businesses till late at night and for 7 days for the customer to come to us. But if we think about the other side of the scene, the customers will know that they have to shop before 8, so they will plan accordingly. The shopkeepers and the business owners will have their family time after 8 pm. 

People are forced to use masks, use sanitizer, wash hands in a regular habit. This of course is a very new change for most of us. Most of the people have used sanitizers for the first time. Many of us, including me, have learnt the right way of washing hands. The use of masks was already present with some people living in Japan and other developed countries because they knew that this can prevent them from pollution and also if they have a cold or cough, they don’t have to spread it to others. These are the really good and hygienic habits which have come into our lives and have improved our immunity and lower the risk of infection (which can be anything related to dirt, pollution, etc.).

Certain things which are really linked with the personal emotions of people, but seem to be the harsh reality of life. Some people believe that nothing is possible without their presence. But the situations have created certain possibilities, that we have to accept in a very harsh way. There are certain cases in which the child has to live without her/his mother (if any one of them is infected). The people are getting married, without the presence of their parents or grandparents (due to their old age, or anyone is infected). People were stuck in different cities without their spouses (due to lockdown) and many more cases.

These cases, if we see normally, are very harsh on emotions. But, if we see the practical side of the story, then we can realise that the person should always know that anything could happen according to the situation. But, we have to handle it in such a way that, change is the only constant in our life. Everything can be changed and replaced according to time and situations.

Temples were closed during the lockdown, but no-one has stopped believing in the god. If we believe that there is some power, that exists and who has made all of us, then we should have beliefs in our heart. The prayers are offered from within, rather going to a temple and donating money. We can always help those who need it, search for your surroundings. By stop going to temples, you don’t stop believing in god. But, by going to temples, you stop believing in yourself. 


Myth- We will not be able to live without malls, theatre, temples, complexes, cars etc.

Fact- We will not be able to live without trees, rivers, mountains, soil, air, etc.

Myth- We have a society to impress.

Fact- We have a family to feed.

Myth- We need a social circle to live our life.

Fact- We just need our loved ones.


This blog is not only about the lockdown or the positive outcomes of COVID. This is basically about the simple living standards of the people. Somehow with this developing culture around us, we have forgotten about real happiness. We all have started believing that, just by buying or achieving any materialistic things, can make us happy. The whole life, we are just running after money, dreams and passion of our life. During this journey, we start forgetting why we started. 

I don’t know if you can relate to what I have written and what I think. But I believe that most of you must have started believing that there are a lot of things that are much more important than money, job or any materialistic thing. During this lockdown, while sitting at home and being with your family, you all must have realised that anything and everything can be replaced and changed in no time. Life is much more beautiful and full of happiness if we just make a few changes in our personal and professional life. 

Modernization of things has changed our lives in many ways, some of which has made life easier, but some of the things have changed the taste completely. I believe there are certain things in which we should stick with the old traditional way so that the essence remains the same. We should balance our professional and personal life together with respect to time and energy. If we could do it, then life will be beautiful. 


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