(Automation Consultancy)

What is Automation?

Automation or Labor-saving technology is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.

Although, this time-saving technology is used for industrial purposes and achieved by installing robots with Artificial Intelligence.

But, it can also be used in our daily personal and professional life by using simple Automated tools, techniques, and coding which will save a lot of time and manpower.

Why Consulting?

Consultation is the process to get a bit of expert advice on something which can be used to simplify things. Just like consulting a doctor can cure your pain, consulting an architect can help you build better. Likewise, consulting an Autoncy can make your work simpler and even saves a lot of time.

Consulting us is just like chatting with one of your good friends who can just guide you to a better path and gives you a simple solution for complicated queries. No matter how complicated your query is, we can help you sort and automate your work.

What do we do? 

We automate stuff. There are many people in this world who do repeated things in their personal and professional life. What if we can make it efficient and simple for you? 

Most of the automation is mechanical when it comes to personal life but there are many things you do maybe on paper, in registers, excel, word, outlook which are repeated in nature like some copy-paste stuff or sends multiple messages and emails, print certificates, run some calculations, modify data, etc, etc.. Which consumes the majority of your time in a day, can it be all automated,? Yes, it can.! Let us help you with the same without any violation of your data breach. Contact us to know-how. 

Why us? 

Being a mother and a software developer in a big IT firm does not bring you satisfaction unless you do something for your society using your calling or passion. In one word IKIGAI. 

Automation is my Ikigai where I want to help people with automating simple things they spend their maximum hours and make much better use of their precious time. 

I would like to encourage people to find ways of optimizing and making your task at hand efficient so that you finish up your work in less than half the time you thought and spend quality time with your family and friends or better for yourself. 

Leave us your manual time-consuming tasks in the form below and we would help you with the maximum automation possible. Because TIME is MONEY 🙂




    • B.Tech & MBA with Reputed Govt. College.
    • Software Developer with 10+ Years.
    • Master in Excel, Word, and all Microsoft Tools.
    • Master in ASP.Net Technologies.
    • More than 200 Consultations provided.
    • More than 150 Automated Tools.
    • Blog Writer and a Mother.