By Inaya
Lead your life Stress Free: You all must be wondering what is it related to? Is it related to spirituality or unity of people or our Economy? Confused?

I have had a million-dollar question in my mind for a long time, and by answering the same, it led to one idea which is Oneness. Question was, What if we combine the best of everything into 1?

Oneness (1 Brand Let’s Say India combination of best of all)

  • 1 Bank (called India Bank)
  • 1 Payment Wallet (India Wallet)
  • 1 Household Services (India Households Services)
  • 1 Phone Company (India Phone)
  • 1 Automobile Company (India Automobiles)
  • 1 Food Chain (India Food)
  • 1 Store for everything (India Store) and 1 Shampoo (with variants of course)
  • 1 Medicinal Chain (India Meds)
  • 1 Constructions Company (India Constructions)
  • 1 Electricity Company (India Electricity)
  • 1 Investments Company (India Investments)
  • 1 Distribution Channel (India Delivers
  • 1 Education System/Schools/College (India Schools/College)
  • 1 Internet (India Internet)
    • 1 Social Media Platform
    • 1 Search Engine
    • 1 Mailbox
  • 1 Entertainment
  • And so on….

Would it spoil the competition?

No, the idea is to dissolve different brands and create 1. Competition will still be there to get the “best” product in the market to be sold under 1 brand. Rest all would manufacture the same brand. 

Here brands would become variants of the same product Eg, different shampoo products for different needs, or different automobiles for different class of people, varying from cheapest to the most expensive, catering all needs and desires of the market.

Fight is not among different brands here, fight is for the best brand out of combination of all. We could say the camera is better on this phone but display and touch is better of another, what if we combine best features into 1, both in affordable and as well as in expensive variants?

People would buy as per their buying capacity and needs, rather than researching what is good and what is not? What is best for value and what is not? What is harmful and what is not? So different variants, but not different brands. ????

What are the variants of the “best”?

Just like every individual is not the same, same product/service cannot be best for all, meaning, what is best for me may not be best for u, then what? 

Hence variants of the “best”, which would cater to all needs and desires. Just like different shampoo or skin products for different types of hairs and skins????

Would it lead to Company Closures or Job Losses?

No, not at all, that’s the idea, no one will lose the job, or no company will be shut. Until you have the best product from your R&D Team, you would continue to manufacture the “best” known and distribute in your own area, or even expand your limits. But this would never stop you to create better ????

Once you have the better version of the “best”, or a different variant helpful to the market, then it would be your product/service that would be manufactured/delivered by all others also. So, it’s a complete Win-Win situation. ????


Would it impact the Economy?

Yes, It would, but for positive reasons, if we have 1 brand to market/sell/distribute, it would definitely help us to improve the economy and would ensure the reach of the same from end to end, leading developments of all backward and left out areas. 

It would only make the system stronger, when 10 people instead of selling/distributing 10 different things in the same region will now spread out in different areas, selling/distributing the same variants of the “best”.

And the best part is, all the money spent on branding, marketing and fighting among each other would be saved and put in better use. ????

Would it impact the Inflation?

Yes, there would be least fluctuations in the market and hence with the strongest R&D and Distribution network, prices would go in which direction, I would leave it to you to decide. ???? 


Would it help the Common Man?

Yes, of course, it’s the biggest stress for everyone, what to buy and of which brand? What if there is no confusion and there is only 1 “best” of all to buy within your range. 

Everyone would be paying the same price for that particular variant irrespective of from where u would buy? Hence would lead a stress-free life ????


Would the Companies share their best of skills to generate the best product/service?

It is hard to say though, as companies might not want to share, but think in this way, what if they do?  We would get the best product/service in the market.

Ultimate truth is, it’s the skills which makes the best” product and not the companies, what if all the best skills come together to prove their expertise in 1 thing they are good at, and not waste enough time and money to copy/paste the rest where they are not so good at, which competitions makes them to do so, not their skills. ????

Who will be benefitted by Oneness?

In my opinion, it would be everyone who will be benefited, people the most, companies, societies and the country, eventually. 

People would be stress free to choose 1 out of so many options available. And NOT thinking twice if they are cheated or not? If they are charged more than others or not?

Companies as they would not have to take stress about their demand and supply, marketing and stuff when they know there is only 1 to produce and sell. They would be better utilizing the same time in R&D of different variants of their expertise for matching and growing needs.

And the country and mother earth eventually, who would be benefitted the most, as everyone would be working for the best and not just for survival, which would open a lot of other opportunities to innovate and create new rather than competing among each other. ????

Who will decide what is best”?

Now this is the most important question of all, who will decide what is the “best”? Is it the Company, people or the government? I would say NO ONE from the above. 

My recommendation would be to create a special group of expertise of specialized people in that domain as they are the only best judge about what is best with the logical discussions and conclusions, open for the public to know and raise questions. As we are democratic in every sense in today’s world as well????

What would happen to Foreign Companies and Products?

This is another interesting question, where I have mentioned everything as India, what if we do like products/services from other countries? And also this leads to the most important part of the Oneness, First of all Oneness is not only for India, but as of now there could be much bigger challenges  if we would go across the world or planets for that matter, but there has to be somewhere to start with.

As far as Foreign products/services are concerned, they are also welcome as a different variant of the same brand India to start with ????

Please Note: I have tried to describe this at the best of my knowledge, there were no intentions to harm any brand or person or country for that matter, It’s just an Idea, which I don’t even fear to get patent or stolen, More it is spread and improvised, the more better it is for all of us ????

Open for more discussions, I could be wrong at some places, I could be right at some places, but 1 person cannot change everything, Its us who can make the better India ????

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